Quality & Standards

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High Quality Products

As a coco peat related product manufacturer and exporter, Natures Coir has come a long way. Knowing the rules and import regulations of some countries we are well aware how the quality plays a role in terms of customs clearance and productive growing practices in deed. Our solid experience varies from raw material to finish product with separate inspections for each and every process.

Natures Coir examines some sensitive products as Grow Bags for a number of times during the production cycles. And our raw material suppliers are paid more incentives than other manufacturers in terms of achieving better quality raw materials.

During raw material purchase we check number of parameters as humidity, temperature, dust level and many other parameters. It's a better quality, better price approach for suppliers. We have a practice of sending order sample during production if necessary, this of course possible for long orders for large number of items. Customers can also visit factories to check the quality if needed, accommodation and other facilities will be provided from Natures Coir.

We have two models of manufacturing; one is producing in our own factories, or subcontract. However in subcontracting scenario, our own supervisors are full-time allocated in subcontractor's factories. They also send samples for our labs if needed. Our senior supervisors and factory staff are equipped with latest technology of growing, quality standers and related machinery and always encouraged to be innovative and share knowledge among their colleagues. We hire few teams for fumigation procedures who are most accepted from the industry. Natures Coir follows a quality policy while protecting the environment in all the activities including disposing unused materials and machine wastes.