Natures Coir Products

Grow Bags

A grow bag is a plastic bag containing sufficient amount of sterile growing medium and nutrients that allows plants to grow to their full size. It is an eco-friendly alternative for peat, perlite and soil. The raw material for the grow bag is ‘Coco-Peat’, which is a bi-product of the coconut industry and is produced when coir fiber is extracted from the coconut husk. Coco-peat is also used extensively as a substrate in the horticulture sector. Our grow-bags are 100% organic , pathogen and weed free, has stable physical properties that are maintained throughout the crop cycle.

Grow-bag Size Specification

Size A

Dry Size - 98 x 19 x 2.5-3 cms.
Wet Size (expanded) - 100 x 20 15-16 cms.

Size B

Dry Size - 96 x 17 x 2.5-3 cms.
Wet Size (expanded) - 98 x 18 x 14-15 cms.

Though these sizes are mentioned, grow-bags will be supplied at the required sizes, to suit the buyer’s requirements.

5000 - 7000 grow bags can be used per hectare of land, depending on the size of the grow bag.

Advantages Of Using A Grow Bag

  • Saves on time and labor as it does not require any digging and heavy preparations.
  • As it can be easily wet and re-wet, a grow bag absorbs water readily and has a water holding capacity of 77%.
  • In spite of its good water holding capacity, it permits the required drainage and aeration.
  • This pathogen and weed free growing medium, promotes faster and better root and plant growth. It also guarantees higher yield.
  • Using grow bags helps in saving up to 50% water and also reduces the fertilizer input by 70%.
  • Grow bags facilitate easy, systematic and uniform irrigation and fertigation.