Natures Coir Products

Coco-Peat Disk

Coco-Peat Disks are being produced to give proper water / air balance to plants.Our pH balanced Coco-Peat Disks have proved it success among our growers. Our specially buffered tanning free disks help to achieve healthy natural rooting in plants which results in healthy vegetables/fruits or beautiful flowers.

Coco-Peat Disks are manufactured out of coconut husk chips (chunks) and coco peat ,keeping in mind , the exact requirement for the professional growers and to get the best result from their plants. Carefully selected grades of Coco husk Chips & coco peat are mixed in 50% + 50% proportions.

Quality compressed Coco peat disk which has been specially treated to give excellent results for a variety of potted plants Ideal for home and commercial hydroponics. Each Coco peat disk fills the pots when re-hydrated. The packaging is designed to be dispensed through Supermarkets and Garden Centres.

  • Disc diameter ‐ 12 cm
  • Thickness ‐ 6 cm
  • Weight ‐ 300 to 325 gram
  • Reconstituted volume‐ 3.3 liter
  • Packing‐54 pcs in poly sleeves
  • Load ability ‐: 55000 pcs in a 40 HCC

Advantages Of Coco - Peat Disks

  • An organic medium made of 100% natural products extracted from the coconut husk.
  • Stable renewable substance slow decomposing.
  • Save labour & time reducing the growers expenditure.
  • Favourable chemical & physical structure ideal for gerbera plants.
  • Easy to transport & handle in its compact form.
  • Good absorption & drainage of excess water