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Coconut Husk Chips

Coconut husk is the outer layer of the coconut fruit, consisting of long fibers and sponge-like pith particles. In nature, the husk protects the inner germinating seed by resisting excess saturation and salt. The husk, which naturally helps the coconut stay in oat in water, also stays uniformly moist and does not rot.

Application of Coconut Husk Chips

With diminishing sources of quality tree bark, the unique properties of Coconut Husk Chips make it a superior alternative to bark-based growing medium. Currently, many orchid and cut-flower growers are successfully using coconut husk chips instead of bark, finding it has significant advantages in terms of quality, consistency, and even lower production costs.

  • Improved phosphorus levels
  • Increased cation exchange capacity
  • Improved nutrient retention
  • Reduced frequency and rates of fertilizer application
  • Increased potassium levels

Advantages Of Husk Chips

  • Lasts longer than bark with no degradation (5 plus years).
  • Very clean, uniform and no wastage.
  • Wet coconut husk chips hold water and air like a sponge.
  • Excellent drainage, high cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • Cuts down fertilizer application up to 30%
  • Prevents stress after re-potting
  • Neutral pH and innate buffering capacity
  • Resists fungal growth
  • 100% natural and renewable resource