• Our primary aim is to provide premium quality

    products to global customers

Mr.R.Sudharshan Sharma
Managing Director (India)

Natures Soil Pty. Ltd., is an Australian based company. We expanded our company in India with great motivation to manufacture good quality coco peat products.

Natures Coir Pvt. Ltd., is a well-established international organization known for providing superior quality products and services at globally competitive prices. Over the years we have assisted our clients worldwide to source products competitively so that they are able to conquer the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.

Our Company's Managing Director Mr. Frank Aloe, Director Mr. Raffaele Martino. They are qualified professionals in coco peat manufacturing. Natures Coir Pvt. Ltd Managing Director Mr.R.Sudharshan Sharma, has worked in India and at various senior positions in big organizations.

Our Coco Peat business has its roots in our ability to manage good quality for our international clients consistently. We started our Coco Peat business with exports to Korea, US, UK, Taiwan and are expanding to various parts of the world rapidly. We have the ability to customize our products as per our customer's requirement and this flexibility sets us apart from our competitors.

Over the years, we have demonstrated our ability to lead the markets with our quality and today we are one of the leaders in the Coir Industries. Our success has its origin in our core values of commitment and customer satisfaction. Consequently, we have a list of very prestigious clients with us.